A Thousand Points of Light

~ A Thousand Points of Light: A Story of Gods ~

“The old ideas are new again because they are not old, they are timeless: duty, sacrifice, commitment, and a patriotism that finds its expression in taking part and pitching in.”

~George H. W. Bush

A note to the reader: The following stories happen concurrently with others. To denote this extra lines will surround the parallel stories.

Adventures in Babysitting

After settling into her new domain, Polymitera meets with family she never knew she had then moves both her mortal children into the Overworld with the help of her husband. Hephaestus and Aphrodite decide to drop their children off with the newest goddess on Olympus. Polymitera then learns what it means to babysit demigods.

The Greatest Glory, Part 1

Ciara Vogel and Fear de Leabhair spend a great amount of time in the mortal world. Fear de Leabhair takes this opportunity to sire four children with his wife, Aisling. Ciara escapes the Titan of Chaos with a piece of The Cosmic Egg in hand, she later has a run in with humans with technology far beyond their skill to make. Together the new Irish gods are able to link this technology back to The Order of Divine Glory and slow their progress by corrupting their private servers.

Into the Fire

Harland spends time in Asgard watching over his nephews Hati & Skoll until boredom and monotony take over. After finding the wolves’ (grand)mother and trading favors, Harland begins a dangerous journey into Muspelheim to investigate the link between Angrboda and Prometheus. This journey sheds light onto a pact between Prometheus, Loki, and the Fates of unknown purpose.

Loyalty Inspector

The Varðmaðr witnesses refugees fleeing from Akhetaten into Muspelheim, and making a beeline for Asgard. He steps in to save what ends up being the last survivors of a hold-out Mesopotamian Overworld, who are accompanied by Horrace Farrow. Upon returning to Asgard The Varðmaðr beholds a force of fire giants infiltrating the central city of Asgard. The Varðmaðr is tasked by Odin in determining the veracity of the refugee’s stories, but fails in preventing Horrace from initiating a mind-warped suicide bombing.

How to Wynn Friends and Influence People

Negotiations for peace between the gods begins despite the absence of both the Amatsukami and Loa. After talks are initiated The Varðmaðr becomes aware of a possible threat to the summit. He and Ciara Vogel investigate to find that forces of Soku-no-kumi are on Earth and targeting The Quad Casino and Resort (formerly the Imperial Palace Casino as well as embassy to the Amatsukami). The divine duo prevent a ploy to destroy the Pillar of Heaven, an Axis Mundi to Takamagahara, but the titanic leader promises that they are already too late to prevent the fall of the Japanese pantheon.

Meanwhile, a cease-fire between the two divine sides is established and a possible end to the hostilities is visible. The threat and subsequent fear of Ragnarök will be delayed by the forfeiture of the lives of titanic wolves, Hati & Skoll.


Upon news of bipedal war-machine being constructed in Muspelheim Harland is tasked by the All Father, Odin to infiltrate and sabotage the project. Posing as a simple fire-giant worker Haland joins the ranks of the working-class Muspel population. After being placed on a quality inspection team for crucial components to the titanic mecha, the trickster spins a web of illusion over faulty parts so that the information control system remains incomplete.

How Stella Ouranos Got Her His Groove Back

Πολυμιτερα (Polymitera) departs towards Ehekatoyaatl in hopes of assisting her half-brother Asclepius perform reconstructive surgery on Ouranos’ lower regions. After discovering the vast empty currents of air, wind and storm she becomes hopelessly lost. By praying to The Varðmaðr (her husband) she is able to recieve the help she requires in finding her destination. Πολυμιτερα’s ultimate contribution to the task at hand is to prompt physical labor from perhaps the most unlikely individual – the goddess of beauty, Aphrodite.

In return for the ongoing “companionship” of Aphrodite, Ouranos agrees to act as a double agent for the Dodekatheon in the aerial realm of Ehekatoyaatl.

The Webs We Weave

Peace is negotiated and a war to end all wars is prepared for. The gods send a special team to strike at the heart of their enemies while attempting to weather the coming storm.

Red Herring

While attempting to capture Mami Wata, Bullets, Axes and Pain uncovers a trap prepared for them by Tethys and Rán. The band displays a legendary feat in not only holding strong, but inflicting injury upon the titanspawn. They make a hasty retreat when Tethys becomes The Flood. Afterward, the band discovers Mami Wata’s rouse with the help of their old friend Kate. Mami Wata is captured by Njord and sealed within Tartarus.

Shadow Play

Before setting out to hunt the unknown Major Avatar of Soku-no-kumi, the band first summons Hatil’s ghost who was unguarded in Mictlan due to Miclántecuhtli’s abandonmnt of his post. Hati was subsequently thrown into Tartarus, for a lack of better places to keep him. Meanwhile Laurel ventured into Hades to seek council with a titanic ally, Hecate.

With the possible advent of Ragnarök averted the band adventured into the inky depths of Soku-no-kumi to find and rescue the Amatsukami. When they finally arrived in Takamagahara, they were greeted by a pantheon crippled and beaten into near submission by titanic forces. Amaterasu herself was in dire need of consoling, as she blamed herself for the pantheon’s current woes and was prepared to commit seppuku to atone. After Harlan’s way with words, the band was off to find the miasmatic leader who had so efficiently undid the Amatsukami.

After weeks of searching in near sensory deprevation, Ciara’s prophetic powers and Gunnar’s Unerring Orientation led them into battle against a co-located version of Mikaboshi using Kane’s corpse as a gateway out of Tartarus. After a brief but nearly deadly battle, Mikaboshi and Huehueteol were captured and banished into the prison of prisons.

Blood From the Stone

At the insistance of their ally Heracles the band sets out to not only capture Gaia, but retrieve the central nerve cluster of a hekatonkheires for use in lobotomizing another Terra-based avatar. However, the sudden appearance of Dimiourgós coupled with Ciara Vogel’s prophecies reveal that a dark shadow known only as The Keepers of the World will soon attempt to divide both the mortal plane and the overworld. This dark goal will begin with band’s success in Terra.

A short respite was taken to make plans for the coming disaster and to welcome the demigod Atropos Esparza into the world.

Knowing that they must proceed with the plan to trap Gaia, anyway the band plans to intentionally begin the fall of predestined dominoes and make efforts to prevent the catastrophe as it takes place. While within Terra, the group is ambushed by four newborn hekatonkheires who demonstrate powers of other titan reams. Gaia meanwhile, had transposed the fate of her birthing chamber with that of the root of Olympus where she had planned to destroy the pillars of creation, set there by the Dodekatheon. After discovering this ploy the band high-tailed it to Terra’s Grecian analogue and captured the giant earth-mother with a tool fashioned of a lifeless remnant rib-bone of Ymir.

The band returned triumphant, sealing Gaia within Tartarus, only to immediately begin enacting their plan to save Mexico City’s population from sacrifice at the hands of The Keepers of the World. A battle of both wit and brawn commenced between rival bands of gods. The aftermath left two dead divinities and once believed friends in manacles within Durance Vile.

Meanwhile, the war in heaven took a drastic turn for the Aesir as Hod abandoned his brethren and Baldur fell ill and passed into the afterlife. Seeing the beginning of the Ragnarök prophecies beginning, Odin vanished, seemingly abdicating the throne of Asgard. On Earth, the frost giants, unchecked, rode forth out of Jotunheim and declared war on the mortal plane. The forces of Ehekatoyaatl gained more strength by assassinating the divine spies Ouranos and Aphrodite. Dark days clouds gather on both the mortal plane and the overworld as a result…

Scorched Earth

The Greatest Glory, Part 2

Smoke & Mirrors

A Thousand Points of Light

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