Titan Realms

Titan Realms / Greater Titans

A Greater Titan is vast, with space enough for all the Earth and more besides. Its interior is eccentric, containing entire landscapes that demonstrate the Titan’s concept. The Greater Titan of Darkness is without sight, the Greater Titan of Fire burns constantly at temperatures greater than any on Earth. If a Greater Titan’s Avatars are all imprisoned, the Greater Titan has no choice but to slide down the gullet of the prison as well, pulled there by the power it has given its Avatars.
Note – Greater Titans are vastly stronger than entire pantheons. If a god enters the realms of a titan in their incorporeal form they will more than likely be subsumed within the Greater Titan. If a god becomes the Avatar of a purview within the boundaries of a Greater Titan is will draw the attention of that Greater Titan’s armies and Avatars all at once.

The following are the known Greater Titans and the universal concept they govern:

Titan Concept Main Nemesis # of Avatars Contained
Akhenaten Light Pesedjit 1
Soku-no-Kumi Darkness Amatsukami 3
Terra Earth Dodekatheon 1
Muspelheim Fire Aesir 1
Drowned Road Water Loa 1
Crom Cruach Entropy Tuatha Dé Danann 0
Ehekatoyaatl Sky Atzlánti 1
Vritra Drought Deva 1
Zrvan Time Yazata 0
Rod Order Rus 0
Hundun Chaos Celestial Bureaucracy 0

Titan Realms

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