Tag: city


  • Las Vegas

    Las Vegas is the main setting of the arc The Long Road to Heaven. The players have visited to following locations: * [[Earl's 24 Hour | Earl's 24 Hour]] * "The Stratosphere Hotel & Casino":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/scion-taking-it-to- …

  • Chicago

    Chicago is the current residence of [[:gunnar-esparza | Gunnar Esparza]]

  • Los Angeles

    Los Angeles is the location of: * [[:laurel-kladakos | Laurel Kladakos]]' mother's home, which was passed onto Laurel. She uses it as a home away from home when she needs to be in L.A.

  • Amarillo

    *Locations:* [[Unnamed Gas Station | Unnamed Gas Station]]

  • Anthony

    Anthony, New Mexico is the current residence of [[:jack-cook | Jack Cook]].

  • Berkeley

    Berkley, California is the location of the following locations * Berkley University, Sara O’Malley and her father’s alma mater. Laurel Kladakos acquired her medical degree here as well. * Laurel also owns a house here where she currently …