Sanctum Rules

Sanctums as Birthright Relics


As the private retreat and center of power for a new-born God, Sanctums provides numerous benefits. It is a haven, a place to retreat to, to meditate and to enjoy oneself. A Sanctum is formed from the raw material of the Overworld and often appears within the boundaries of a Pantheon’s Godrealm, though they can appear in an Underworld or as a Terra Incognita in the World. Each Sanctum is unique to its owner and shaped to suit them.

Each dot of this Birthright provides three points which can be spent on four qualities: Ambiance, Inhabitants, Malleability and Size. In addition, for every dot, the Scion gains a single Exalted Feature within the Sanctum that functions as a unique, magical ability only within the Sanctum’s boundries. A mirror that allows the God to see any place in the world illuminated by moonlight, a reflecting pool that restores temporary Willpower to those who meditate on it and similar things. These are only a few examples of the possibilities of Exalted Features.

• – 3 sanctum points, one unique feature
•• – 6 sanctum points, two unique features
••• – 9 sanctum points, three unique features
•••• – 12 sanctum points, four unique features
••••• – 15 sanctum points, five unique features


Simply put, this trait defines the physical size of the Sanctum. If the Sanctum is part of a larger Overworld or Underworld, the exterior appearance of the Sanctum can be at odds with its true dimensions. A small building on the plains of Asgard may actually contain an entire city, or a whole world, if the God that owns it so wishes.

0 sanctum points – A Mansion
1 sanctum points – Large building
2 sanctum points – City
3 sanctum points – Small country
4 sanctum points – Continent
5 sanctum points – World-sized


A God’s Sanctum contains vast reserves of power that bend to the will of it’s master. It is, after all, a fragment of the Overworld itself, claimed by and attuned to a single deity. The Legend of their Sanctum bolsters them and reality within bends to their will. While in their personal place of power, a God can perform Legendary feats without draining their own reserves or hamper all others who enter by increasing the difficulty they face when performing their own feats. When points are spent on Ambiance choose to either benefit yourself OR hamper others.

0 sanctum points – Reduces or increases the cost of Boons and Knacks by 0 Legend
1 sanctum points – Reduces or increases the cost of Boons and Knacks by 1 Legend
2 sanctum points – Reduces or increases the cost of Boons and Knacks by 2 Legend
3 sanctum points – Reduces or increases the cost of Boons and Knacks by 4 Legend
4 sanctum points – Reduces or increases the cost of Boons and Knacks by 8 Legend
5 sanctum points – Reduces or increases the cost of Boons and Knacks by 10 Legend


Gods need not be alone within their Sanctums. Lesser creatures can be brought into the god’s realm but the more a creature is without Legend the harder it is for the Sanctum to support their existence there. Aphrodite’s palace is inhabited by lowly nymphs, for example, while Tlaloc is attended in his sanctum by the monstrous tlaloques and Baron Samedi commands simple ghede. Over time those creatures and entities who reflect the aspect of the god will begin petitioning for residence should they be able to reside there.
The population of a Sanctum is determined by its size.

0 sanctum points – Only the owner and creatures of Legend 12, no others
1 sanctum points – The owner and creatures of Legend 9 and up.
2 sanctum points – The owner and creatures of Legend 6 and up.
3 sanctum points – The owner and creatures of Legend 3 and up.
4 sanctum points – The owner and any legendary creature (minimum Legend 1).
5 sanctum points – At this point mortals may come and go at the god’s behest.


The landscape of a Sanctum need not be set in stone. By expending a point of willpower, the master of the Sanctum can force it to shift according to his desires. Doing this allows a player to realign their Sanctum points.
Doing so requires an extended Legend roll. The complexity and completeness of the change is determined by multiplying the number of points redistributed by the roll’s difficulty. The rating in this trait determines the difficulty of each individual Legend roll in the extended series.
These changes, even at rating 5, do not occur fast enough to cause damage in combat nor can they be performed from outside the Sanctum.

0 sanctum points – The Sanctum cannot be altered, it is too firmly bound to it’s current existence.
1 sanctum points – Changes occur over the course of several weeks. Roll is difficulty 6.
2 sanctum points – Changes occur over the course of several days. Roll is difficulty 4.
3 sanctum points – Changes occur over the course of several hours. Roll is difficulty 2.
4 sanctum points – Changes occur over the course of several minutes. Roll is difficulty 1.
5 sanctum points – Changes occur almost instantly and require no roll at all. For combat purposes consider the act a Speed 30 action.

Exalted Features

All Sanctums are places of great power. They contain wonders rarely, if ever, seen in the World. These unique features appear when the Sanctum is created or as it grows in grandeur. It is extraordinarily rare for a feature to have any effect that reaches beyond the Sanctum and such effects may require the use of two or more feature slots. The following are only some examples of the type of features a God may wish to incorporate into their Sanctums. Feel free to work with your Storyteller to create your own.

Barred Gate
Prerequisite: 7 separate levels of Guardian Boons
This power can be used to set up a specific set of circumstances or events through which inhabitants can access the Sanctum on their own. Some Gods use this to allow their followers to come and go at will while requiring Ne’er Do-Wells to either petition for entry or find another way in. This does not permanently prevent access, but it does create an additional trial to those you do not wish to access the Sanctum.

Border Guard
Prerequisite: Barred Gate
The difficulty for intruders to magically enter your Sanctum without permission is much greater. Only beings that match your own Legend or exceed it can do so at all, and even they must make a resisted Legend roll against you (such a roll is reflexive and occurs even if the God is not within his Sanctum at the time) to enter.

Bountiful Harvest
Prerequisite: 7 separate levels of Fertility Boons
If it grows on the mortal plane it exists somewhere within your Sanctum. You need only hunt for it to find it. As a side effect it is nearly an assured matter that no one ever goes hungry within your Sanctum’s borders unless you wish it.

Prerequisite: Personal Nexus
Cost: 2 Exalted Feature Slots
At a place where the roads meet you have the power to be where you want. All you need do is remember it like you were there, pay a point of Legend and suddenly you are elsewhere. You must have spent longer than a scene at the desired location and be able to remember it vivdly, additionally you must actually be welcome in the desired location. Nothing crashes a party faster than an uninvited guest.

Divine Reliquary
The God maintains a connection to his Birthrights, even when they are stored within his Sanctum. Relics left in his Sanctum count as ‘in his possession’ for purposes of using the Purviews they give access to. This means a god does not suffer the normal temporary reduction in Legend should they not have their Relic, so long as the relic is in the Reliquary.

Endless Armory
Prerequisite: 7 separate levels of War Boons
Located somewhere within your Sanctum is a room full of countless weapons and armor. If it has ever been created in by a mortal it exists within this room. There is a single copy of every weapon for the God’s use. These may be drawn to hand from anywhere within their Sanctum as a Speed 5 action. Any piece so taken from this room vanishes upon the attempt of removal from the Sanctum.

Endless Font
Prerequisite: 7 separate levels of Water Boons
Within the area of your Sanctum lies an endless source of water. This may be a simple sink, a waterfall from nowhere or an underwater aquifer. Whatever the source the water is clean and drinkable at the source but like all water can be contaminated elsewhere.
If water from you Endless Font leaves your Sanctum it evaporates into nothingness.

Final Resting Place
Prerequisite: 7 separate levels of Death Boons
For Gods of Death, good or ill, there is a quality to their Sanctums that draws the souls of the departed. The Dead God defines, at the creation of his Sanctum, what specific qualities will allow a dead soul entrance to his Sanctum. Once that is done, those souls under his aegis will flock to him as they enter the afterlife. This trait does not necessarily mean the God’s Sanctum is in the Underworld, but it can be. Freya’s hall Fólkvangr is home to half the worthy dead of the Norse, yet she dwells in Asgard, not in Hel.

Gateway of Prayers
By means of a special connection, a god can act in locations where they have been prayed to within the last hour as if they were there, fulfilling prayers as it were. This ability costs no additional Legend but is limited in that the god is not actually there. They may use their divine senses from the location, “touch” things for powers that require touch as a component and appear before the praying individual but they may not alter things with physical scores.

Otherworldly Connection
The Sanctum possesses an Axis Mundi or Underworld Passage through which it can connect to the mortal realm, your pantheon’ underworld or overworld. (Underworld Sanctums can connect to the Overworld, and vice-versa).

Personal Nexus
Prerequisite: 7 separate levels of Psychopomp Boons
Within the boundaries of your Sanctum distance is never a worry. You may appear anywhere within your borders as a Speed 5 action should you desire to.

Place of Vision
Prerequisite: Epic Perception 7
Cost: 2 Exalted Feature Slots
By meditating in a single place within the Sanctum, the Scion will gain vast, cosmos-spanning awareness. This functions similarly to the Clairvoyance Knack, but allows him to project his awareness to places he can visualize with a high degree of accuracy.

Repository of Knowledge
Prerequisite: Epic Intelligence 7
Hidden somewhere in the depth of your Sanctum is a place where knowledge of any type is stored. If it exists in the mortal realm it graces your collection. Knowledge is a powerful tool but there are 10,000 useless facts for every one or so the saying goes and unfortunately the desired knowledge is not always close at hand. Given enough time however anything worth knowing could be found here. Beware! Many a god have gone missing for years at a time looking for some information they thought was crucial only to find once appearing again that the information was dreadfully out of date.

Shared Territory
The Scion’s Sanctum has merged with that of another God, allowing both Gods to act as equal owners. They can each shape and utilize the Sanctum’s features and residents as if they were sole owner of the realm. All the Gods who intend to merge their Sanctums must purchase this trait in order to contribute their points to the greater pool.

Source of Youth
Prerequisite: 7 separate levels of Health or Time Boons
The Sanctum contains a method for restoring mortal beings to youth. It may be Golden Apples, Peaches of Immortality, a Fountain of Youth or a garden of Blue Roses. No matter what form it takes, the youth-restoring function is encapsulated in some physical substance such as a fruit, flower or drink. If removed from the Sanctum, the substance loses its powers within 24 hours. A single dose of such a substance returns a mortal being to the prime of life for one year before losing its effects. After the effects wear off, the mortal returns to their natural age within a day.

Terra Incognita
Instead of a fragment of the Overworld, the God’s Sanctum is a magical pocket of the natural World itself. It functions identically to a normal Terra Incognita.

Place of Reflection
Prerequisite: 7 separate levels of Mystery or Prophecy
A pool, basin or other connection to the Titan of Memory is accessible to you from within your Sanctum. Aside from the ability to plumb its murky depths the pool will also grant users bonus dice equal to their Legend on either Prophecy or Mystery rolls when the god has taken time alone in its presence.

Seat of Power
Prerequisite: At least 7 epic levels of a social attribute
Special: This Exalted Feature may be taken multiple times. Each time it is purchased the feature becomes associated with another social attribute.
All hail to the god on their throne! When this Exalted Feature is chosen it becomes associated with the social attribute used as a prerequisite. When the god makes rolls that involve the chosen attribute and are also sitting on their Seat of Power they may add their Legend rating as automatic successes to the roll.

Tapestry of Fate
Prerequisite: 7 separate levels of Magic
Cost: varies
Somewhere in your Sanctum is displayed a piece or art which tells a story of fate. To be precise it hints at the story of your own fate. By viewing the artwork one can see to every person, place and thing fated to themselves and understand the role they play in Fate’s design in relation to you. For every Exalted Feature slot which this takes up the bonds of fate expand one step farther to every person to whom your fatebound are subsequently fatebound.
Using the tapestry does not come without a drawback though. Each time it is used every fatebond explored immediately intensifies by 1 level. If the trail of fate is followed to someone who you are not fatebound to, you become immediately fatebound to them with a Level 4 fatebinding. The user will witness this fated creation form and instantly understand it’s significance.

Sanctum Rules

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