Xiang Yao

Titan Avatar of Erosion


Legend: 9

18-die pool for all actions

10-Dot 8-Dot Exempt
Sky, Water, Earth Everything else Animal, Fertility
Defense Values
Physical DV Mental DV Soak Armor Health
60 43 B 56 L 51 A 10 BLA - 52
Dark Virtues
Ambition ● ● ● ● Malice ● ● ● ● Rapacity ● ● ● ● ● Zealotry

An enormous serpent with nine human heads that yell and carry on incessantly.

Appeared from beneath the marsh in Mag Mell where he had been mating with Cailleach.

Did battle with the PCs and the God of Strength Heracles. Was beaten unconcious and captured. Brigid has forged a living chain to hold the titanic avatar until such time as the Tuatha deem it ready to be placed within the walls of New Tartarus. Until that time it remains tethered in Mag Mell.

Xiang Yao

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