The Morrigan

Goddess of Death and War, Ruler of Tír na Marbh, Protector of Mag Mell, and only slightly insane


There are three individuals currently known as The Morrigan. If it were not for the fact that they all claim to be the same person one might believe the name a title.
The three aspects are as follows:

Badb: Most closely tied with crows
Macha: Tied to Sovereignty and death, ruler of Tir na Marbh
Nemain: “The crazy one”

All are great warriors and can be found on the battlefield.

At least one is the divine mother of Ciara Vogel.

The Morrigan is terrible and beautiful all at once. After the death of Manannán mac Lir she took stewardship of Mag Mell until the “true ruler claimed it.” She was seen shaking hands with Hades directly after she began deconstructing Manannán mac Lir’s palace.

Is actually assisting Manannán mac Lir in the elaborate ruse in constructed to make himself appear to have died. As Hachiman was never actually in Mag Mell during the events of the ruse it was discovered that the salvation of the island was all the doing of The Morrigan.

The Morrigan was present at the creation of New Tartarus in late 2011.

The Morrigan also committed faerie troops to the second fomorian invasion of Mag Mell and expressed much interest at the prospect of having the mystical isle reconnected to Tir na Marbdh.


Sanctum •••• Annwyn/Tir na Marbh
Size: 5
Ambiance: 3
Inhabitants: 3
Malleability: 1
Exalted Features: Final Resting Place, Otherworldly Connection, Shared Territory (Gwyn ap Nudd), Seat of Power (Appearance)

The Morrigan

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