Marie Glapion

love-struck voodoo princess on the wrong side of the war


Marie Glapion was heads over heels in love with Kane Taoka. She also had more than a casual interest in Nathan Pritchert. Marie’s life was snuffed out by Laurel Kladakos.

Laurel has now been given 1 year to retrieve Marie from the Loa underworld, Guinee, for Erzulie, Marie’s divine mother. Time is ticking away and Erzulie’s debt collectors grow closer every minute.

In the mean time, after meeting the first debt collector, a woman named Megan, Laurel has begun dreaming of Marie’s last moments in life and gaining the knowledge first hand what it feels like to be shot in the face.

It was discovered during the band’s time in New Orleans that Marie lived here for a majority of her life and could trace a tangled ancestry to Marie Laveau, who in loa form acted as a guide to Marie Glapion. When the band spoke with Marie Laveau she professed to not have talked to or seen Marie Glapion in several years.

Marie’s memories (although now a jumbled mess) were retrieved by Gunnar within the Well of Mnemosyne at great personal sacrifice. The band now possesses the body, spirit and memories of Marie, everything necessary for the resurrection save knowledge of how to do such a thing.

In the ending days of 2011 Gunnar and Laurel traveled to Duat to beseech Isis and Osiris for the key to reanimation. Although Gunnar found a short cut to the palace at the far end of the Egyptian underworld he and Marie were deemed purified by Ma’at and allowed to enter Sekhet Hetepet. There Marie was gifted with second life.

Marie’s second life was deemed payed for with her eternal service as handmaiden to Isis within the halls of Sekhet Hetepet.


Marie Glapion

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