chaotic wolf god of the underworld


Malsum is a god of the American Indians, namely the tribes that resided in the New England area stretching up into Quebec.

Malsum is usually in wolf form.


Loki explained to Harlan that Malsum was the one that helped him break Fenrir out. Malsum supposedly then turned on Loki and bound him in the same tethers Fenrir had been placed within.

Malsum was the being parading around as Faux-Loki. He collected the Black Feather Shroud and ha seemingly given it back to the one who it belonged to, the Manttiwok god known only as Raven. For unknown reasons he also acquired Nikola Tesla’s prototype Underworld generator.

Laurel received a vision explaining that Malsum had been central to the story since the very beginning, going as far as to impersonate Athena and taking a mysterious jar from the scene of Sara’s death. Laurel also saw that Malsum gave this to Kane.

This presents an interesting revelation, Malsum has been seen to be playing each side of nearly every conflict thus far.

Malsum was present with other from his pantheon at the reforging of New Tartarus and used the event as an excuse to assassinate Loki and start the Aesir/Atzlanti War.


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