"He was a horrible rotten horse-fucker but he was our horrible rotten horse-fucker!"


Divine father of Sylvester Guiler & Harlan Gray.

It has been discovered that there are actually two Lokis.

The first had been buried under the soil of Mag Mell and bound by Gliepnir (the mythical bindings for the Fenris Wolf) then was then retrieved by Odin. The other was identified as Malsum.

Loki is now on trial for releasing Fenrir and possibly advancing Ragnarok. The trial is set to begin on the Vernal Equinox of 2012 in Iceland.

He stayed briefly at his son Harlan’s house before burning it down.

Shortly thereafter Loki returned to Asgard with the rest of stranded Aesir at the behest of Odin.

At the trial of Loki on counts of knowingly and intentionally starting Ragnarök the god Loki was slain. The killing was accomplished by the combined mights of several gods from the Amatsukami, The Celestial Bureaucracy, the Pesedjet, the Atzlánti and the Mantiwok. The killing was also accomplished before a verdict was rendered. Loki’s death was the primer for the Aesir/Atzlánti war.



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